#TwitterFiction Begins

by Adam Popescu

1Today is the day. It’s the #TwitterFiction festival. Strap in and get ready to experiment.

I’m proud to say I’ll be an official part of the festivities. In December I went to Everest for the BBC, an adventure that inspired my book High Altitude, which I am now editing (you can read the first few chapters on Wattpad).

The tweeting starts today, Wednesday March 12 at 3 EST, and continues through Sunday. Here’s a look at the official schedule. You’ll probably hear me posting about it online, or in person, if you haven’t already. Please excuse me if I’m overdoing it, or talk your ear off about it—I’m extremely excited. I’ll also be writing a first person piece for Fast Company about the experience (The festival is getting some good press coverage, already).

Years of Twitter chats have prepped me—I hope. High Altitude is a complex, layered story, hard to tell on blank pages, let alone in tweets. So I’m going to give slices, moments, feelings. Expect to see lots of photos, maps, videos. Nothing can do Everest justice but being there yourself. But I’m going to try.