On The Mountain – #Everest60

by Adam Popescu


It’s 6:33 pm and I’m in Namche Bazaar, a hamlet perched more than 12,000 feet above sea level. Up here, the air is very thin, oxygen only about 60% of what I would have normally. My head pounds, my body aches. Normal.

It’s the end of day three of my trek. Another 10 or so to go. My body is fighting the extreme altitude, and it’s not been easy. Shortness of breadth, restless sleeping, waning energy. It’s an uphill battle, and I have another 6,000 feet to go.

Here I am below, earlier today, Mt. Everest in the background. Unreal.


These are the Himalayas, the rooftop of the world, and basically the middle of nowhere. Tech problems (and fatigue) aside, it’s hard to complain with backdrops like these, even if it is challenging.

Along with my brilliant guide Suman, I’m trekking along with two Marines, good people based in Okinawa, Japan.


Time, and WiFi is short, so I’ll be brief. Tomorrow morning I have to be up bright and early and begin another 15 kilometer trek. I will post when I can, and am sorry that this one is so brief, but my body is starting to break down and I need to rest.

I do plan to host a live Twitter chat from Everest Base Camp, or as close as I can get, on December 12. I have to work on timing as it may be touch and go. Meantime, follow along here on the blog, and via my media wall.

I have a mountain of content on the mountain. So much more to come. I will leave you with this, my landing into Lukla, the day before yesterday. This one really got the adrenaline running.