Long Overdue #SocialChat Wrap

by Adam Popescu

I don’t think anyone can experience the true in-you-face real-time power of social media (unless you’re live-tweeting a political protest, or) until you host a twitter chat.

If you ever get the opportunity, take it. Great to improve the reach and draw of whatever expertise you hold through social media.

The only drawback is, when it’s over, regular old Twitter will suddenly seem so…slow. Number don’t lie: http://beta.hashtracking.com/ht-pro-rpt/alanknecht-socialchat-2012-01-09/. Neither will I: hosting #SocialChat was exhilarating, nerve racking, and challenging. I really wanted to answer all of my questions and give honest feedback to participants. Not easy when questions and mentions are flying at you 100 mph.

In the chat’s hour I got 105 mentions, 14 retweets and more than 59,000 screen impressions (serious nerd numeros). My firefox pinwheel kept moving, but I made it. You will too if you get the chance. Follow something you’re really into and contribute. Keep at it and someone will notice and come knocking…And if they’re not knocking, go knock on a door yourself if you’re really interested in hosting. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Thanks again to Alan Knecht and his wife Michelle for bringing me into the fold.

—Adam Popescu