Eric Gordon, We Hardly Knew You

by Adam Popescu

Farewell Eric, We Hardly Knew You

So, it finally happened. The nba capos nodded their heads in approval and the big boss pulled the trigger…the first mega trade of the shortened season, played like the icy talks themselves: controlled, careful and conniving.

Today, Chris Paul was traded, and the Clippers did the unthinkable. They gave up Eric Gordon. That’s right, LA got Chris Paul, which catapults them into postseason talk, and is huge. That’s macro. But micro, they gave up their blue chip and Olympian, Eric Gordon. Arguably one of the best young two-guards in the game, last year Gordon averaged 22 points, 4 boards and 4 assists a game. I know this is probably for the best for the city, and am looking forward to the pick-and-roll game to come with Paul and Blake Griffin, I’m sorry to see Gordon go. Especially given that his career was really set to blossom this year. I wish him luck with the Hornets, and am sorry to report that Gordon found out about the trade aboard a bus, surrounded by fans. What do you say to that? What do you say to fans?

From ESPN: According to, Gordon was on a bus with Clippers season ticket holders, making fan stops when he got word of the trade. Gordon told the deal was “disappointing.”

“People in the organization were telling me I was going to probably stay here, stick around,” he said. “But you don’t know who to trust or follow, give you a lead on anything. I’m just going to take it for how it is. It is kind of tough to swallow, but I’m just a basketball player. I’m not going to have any hard feelings about it.”

Good-bye Eric Gordon. Hello Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups. Oh yeah. You know it’s a saturated market when an Olympic gold winner, nba finals winner and nba finals mvp signs with a team and nobody really gives a damn. That’s the power of basketball and the power of immediacy. What’s hot is hot—now. Right now Paul and the Clippers are hot. Let’s hope they keep it. The acquisition of Paul, Billups, and last week Caron Butler at the small forward truly propels the Clippers into the conversation in LA basketball. But as Jalen Rose said on ESPN tonight, the Lakers still have Kobe, Pau and Andrew Bynum. As long as they have that triumvirate of core players, most still give them the nod between the two teams. But with internal strife over the Lamar trade, and further trade clouds very possible, things remain to be seen at Staples Center.

welcome to staples

Starting lineup for the LA Clippers (projected):

PG Chris Paul

SG Randy Foye

SF Caron Butler

PF Blake Griffin

C DeAndre Jordan

Playoffs? Yes, please.

—Adam Popescu