Thanks for the memories Lamar

by Adam Popescu

Lakers sources are reporting that Lamar Odom was so upset about his trade bait status in the Chris Paul fiasco that he asked to be traded. Whether or not that’s true is hard to say, but secondary to that is the fact that the Lakers pulled the trigger, sending him to one of their biggest rivals, the Dallas Mavericks. So what did the Lakers get in return? Money off the cap and a draft pick. “Seemingly nothing,” Kobe Bryant said Sunday.

From media day via the LA Times:

When the best player on (supposedly) the best basketball team in the world says “he doesn’t like it,” clearly there’s a problem here. For the Lakers, whose season starts in a mere few weeks, there are questions aplenty, and a definite shaky identity going into the shortened season.

Meanwhile, rumor mills have Chris Paul now interested in hooping with Blake Griffin and the Clippers if he can’t get on the Knicks or Lakers…Plus Clippers big man of the future DeAndre Jordan just signed an offer sheet with the Warriors, hich means the Clips have three days to match the offer. “Earlier Sunday, a league source told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the team planned to match the Warriors offer.” So Jordan will probably resign on a team that is turning into a dynamic young squad. Could Chris Paul really go to the Clippers? Could it happen? Wait and see…it’s getting weird here…

—Adam Popescu