When It Comes To Rupert Murdoch’s Successor — James, You Are Not It

by Adam Popescu

Eighty-year-old Rupert Murdoch finally named a successor. This week, he said News Corp Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey would replace him if he was “run under a bus.” Nice outlook.

Murdoch had been grooming his son James–before the scandal. Before that it was Rebeka Brooks. Now Brooks is in jail and son James is due to testify once more for British Parliament. It’s going to get ugly before it gets pretty for him.

News Corporation Chief Rupert Murdoch, his son James, the current Chairman of News International, and former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks

Still, for the News Corp company, the move has calmed investors, lifting shares as of Thursday. Profits are up, but News Corp is still down about 10 percent from the time before the News Of The World scandal.

So, without further chatter, here is your next leader of arguably the largest media conglomerate in the history of man:

News Corporation Deputy Chairman Chase Carey

I know nothing about this man, but I can say he has an amazing mustache. Perusing through Getty Images, this thing is no fluke. It’s been around for a long, long time. If Chase Carey spends half as much time working as he does styling his facial hair, he might turn out to be a pretty good leader.

— Adam Popescu