A Palin For All Seasons

by Adam Popescu

Don’t cry for me Wasilla…

The Cannes film festival may be over, but a new movie is sure to make waves next month…in Iowa…Confused? Well, you should be.

In a few short weeks, Sarah Palin, yes, that Sarah Palin, will debut her new film, The Undefeated in the Hawkeye state, intended to remind voters that she is an option for the presidential nomination.

Produced secretly, the momma grizzly and newly minted auteur teamed with conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon on the $1 million tell-all about the former governor and GOP hopeful, explaining why she decided to leave her post as governor of Russia’s neighbor—err—Alaska.

Two versions of the film are set for release, according to Gawker. One, an unrated edition containing obscene anti-Palin language and imagery, the other without.

My only questions is, how long til it hits Netflix? Yeah, it’ll be in theaters for a few weeks, but this one was made for DVD: Special Features for a Special Lady.

–Adam Popescu