In Abbottabad

by Adam Popescu

Check this out.

President Obama says he does not want to release the Osama death pic because he’s worried it will incite militant Islamists. Why, then, are the death photos of Osama’s people flooding the net? Why is that OK—those photos are graphic and chilling. Are there lives any less important, or any less potent in fanning the flames of hate?

The Administration’s pussyfooting and indecision (remember last week FBI Director Leon Panetta said they’ll be released eventually, while Obama vehemently said no) is not stemming ill will from those who hate us. If anything, it’s creating more controversy, and curiosity (check out how the radicals are reacting here). (Actually, now you can’t. The International Business Times sites is down as of May 8—Now back up as of May 10).

Would it not be better to release the photo, so we can collectively take it in and get over it? Holding onto to the photo keeps the debate raging (there are those who say it’s all a hoax) and keeps attention on an event that should be dealt with fully. Let’s not forget there’s also supposedly Navy video footage of the sea burial. What about that video? Is the clock ticking on that one, too?

The New York Times called the decision Situation Ambiguous. Well put.

Osama is dead. That’s it. But until we see the photos, we still have a long way to go, and we’re sitting on a powder keg.