‘Nuff Said

by Adam Popescu

President Obama is deciding whether or not to release the Osama Bin Laden death pic. I say it’s coming. Supposedly, whether or not it comes out will be revealed at a press conference later today. Some are against it, some for it. I’m confident we’ll see it. There are too many skeptical “deathers” that will be silenced when they see a picture of definitive proof, no matter how gruesome it is.

In the aftermath of one of the most amazing assassinations in modern history, new information about the operation continues coming to light.

Interesting to note, is some of the “stuff” found growing adjacent to the compound.

Equally interesting is the fact that the dead Osama was found unarmed, with $750 in cash sewn into his jacket, along with several phone numbers, suggesting he was ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

–Adam Popescu