Shymoon Wins

by Adam Popescu

Hey Adam,

So I got the refund check from Shymoon and here’s how it ended up. They agreed to take off rent money for only one of the two months they lost payment on after you left, but that still comes to $430. They also took off another $200 for general house cleaning business. It sucks, but they are allowed to do this. We did sign a lease to pay rent on all three rooms for the whole year, and then we weren’t able to to do that. And when you leave a house early you do generally forfeit you deposit. You’re welcome to try to talk to Shymoon about this, but both Will and I have tried to argue her down and it hasn’t worked, so I think this is how it’s going to have to be. Your deposit is going to have to go to paying that rent, and Will and I will pay for the extra rent money that this doesn’t cover and all of the house repair money. Sorry it worked out this way, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do to make them give us more of our deposit back.