Young Jedi Toys

by Adam Popescu

Is it real?

Uncle Milton Industries has created a toy that trains players to use their brain waves to move a ball in a tube.

Young Jedi don headsets and float balls with their minds…or with the aid of fans? I won’t pretend I know how it’s made or what it does, but I do know this is many a nerd’s wet dream.

Especially the little guys. Targeting 6 to 11 year olds, Uncle Milton Industries gets these young gamers with the kid crack that is 15 levels of Jedi “force training.” It may be the IT Toy of 2010, but is it real?

Last Christmas, kids spoke with their parent’s wallets and made Mattel’s MindFlex the top toy, hands down. With December right around the corner, this one’s staying hot.

Sound too good to be true, Professor X? Maybe if you concentrate really hard, you’ll know where these hyper-links take you…without clicking them. You tell me.