Best of Syracuse

by Adam Popescu

Every time you think summer’s coming, something happens. Constant clouds and rain storms are the norm here.

Welcome to Syracuse, NY, a place so brutal it snowed this past Mother’s Day.

In a year of ice and snow, the sun is finally coming back (although today it has drizzled a little) just as I’m on my way out of here and on to better environs.

I’m going to miss some good friends and access to great facilities at Newhouse, but I will not miss the weather.

The following series of posts will feature my Best of Syracuse: stories, events and places that I think define this place.

The first being a day in the life at Graby’s mini-mart, a subterranean Syracuse corner store on Westcott and Euclid. Formerly called 12 Brothers, this operation is now run by two brothers: Mo and Mac, who were willing, but not too willing to tell their story and show their POV of life behind the register.

Future posts in the series will feature exclusive video of Triple-A phenom Stephen Strasburg pitching perfect innings, video interviews with artists at the Westcott Theater and MayFest, and a feel-good piece on a Chef who serves free meals at a downtown soup kitchen. Stay tuned goons.

––Adam Popescu